Massage Wellness Program

Easy to join --- Easy to cancel.  Membership in the Program allows you to receive massages at discounted rates.  The more massages you get, the lower your rates.  Get free upgrades and even a birthday benefit as my way of saying, "Thank you" for your loyalty.  It's simple, flexible and straight forward, but if you have any questions, feel free to give me call at my toll-free number:  888-512-0726.   

Ask about additional savings Program available for:

  • Seniors (65+)
  • Veterans
  • Groups of 2 or more. 

Finding ways to bring you a great massage at a low rate!

Massage Wellness Program

I.          Terms:  

A.        The Wellness Program (“Program”) will be for a term of one (1) year. 

B.        Members of the Wellness Program (“Member/s”) will be billed at the following rates (“Member Rate”). 

                               CREDIT CARD              CASH

1 Massage a month:            $58/hr                         $50/hr

2+   Massages a month:      $48/hr                         $40/hr

C.        Member massages will include free aromatherapy and free hot towels for the feet and face. 

D.        Member will be gifted an additional 30 minutes when added to a one-hour massage during their birthday month.  Member should indicate they are wanting a birthday massage when booking their appointment. 

E.        Member will be billed at the time services are rendered.  If a massage has not been received by the last business day of the month, Member’s charge card will be billed $58.00.  

F.         Member can terminate the Program at any time without penalty by providing written notice seven (7) days prior to the last business day of the month.  Written notice should be by either email ( or text (512-970-7860).  Member will receive a response to confirm receipt of the termination request.  The response will be made in the same method (i.e., text or email) as Member’s request and the Program is not considered canceled until a confirmation response is received by Member from Peaceful Abiding Massage (“PAM”).  This is done to prevent miscommunications and to ensure that termination requests have, in fact, been received by PAM.  Alternatively, Member can come into the office and complete a Membership Termination form seven (7) days prior to the last business day of the month.  Once a Member participation has been terminated, non-Member rates and terms will apply to all future massages.  Participation in the Program may be resumed 6 months from the date of the termination request.

If a Member is unable to receive a massage during the month, the following options are available: 

Option 1.       Member’s charge card will be billed in the amount of $58, and Member’s account will be credited for one massage. 

Option 2.       Member’s charge card will be billed in the amount of $58, and Member can gift their massage to anyone of their choice.  Member will send an email or text indicating who will be allowed to use the Member’s massage.  A phone call is not sufficient.  If that person does not come in and receive the massage gifted by Member, the massage will remain as a credit on Member’s account. 

II.         Payment:  Payment will be made when services are rendered.  If Member has not received a massage by the last business day of the month, Option 1 will be implemented.  If Member’s charge card is unable to be charged, PAM will contact Member by either phone, text and/or email, and given an opportunity to either make a payment and continue receiving services at the Member Rate or cancel the Wellness Program membership and begin receiving services at the non-Member Rate of $68/hr when paying with a credit card or $60/hr with a cash discount.  Any upgrades such as aromatherapy and/or hot towels will be an additional charge.  If Member cannot be contacted within three (3) days of the charge card being declined, membership in the Program will be canceled.