The Difference of Peaceful Abiding

What’s different about Peaceful Abiding Massage?

Peaceful Abiding Massage uses only natural, organic oils for your massage.  If you prefer the feel of a cream, I offer a cream called Sacred Earth.  Click here to see its ingredients.  While this cream is not 100% organic, this is the one of the most natural creams to be found and most ingredients are organic. 

There are basic differences between Peaceful Abiding Massage and other massage companies.  Check out the differences below to see how in addition to an everyday, affordable price for a high-quality massage, you get even more for less.

1.     Six styles of massage — One price.

With six different massage styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that is just right for you.  Other massage companies charge different prices for each different style of massage.  Peaceful Abiding Massage offers all massages for one low price.  Choose one style or a combination of styles, depending on your needs.

2.     Free Upgrades.

Other massage companies charge for each separate upgrade.  At Peaceful Abiding Massage, upgrades are not only free but are standard with each massage.  This includes free aromatherapy, as well as free hot towels for your feet and face.  I also offer an opportunity to get an additional 30 minutes free through my referral program.  For each person you refer who comes in and pays for a massage, you get an additional 30 minutes free on your massage.

3.     A 1-hour massage is 1 hour — not 50 minutes. 

Most other massage companies only give you 50 minutes.  Peaceful Abiding Massage offers a real 60-minute massage.  Your 60-minute session starts at your appointment time.  To make sure you get your full hour, arrive 5 minutes early to complete your intake form, consult with your therapist, and get comfortable on the table.

4.     No contracts.

The low, affordable price is an everyday price.  There are no complicated discount programs or contracts.  You are never obligated to contract terms in order to receive a quality, affordable massage.  After your first massage, you qualify for an additional discount on each massage you receive.  Ask for details when you come in.