Spa/Massage Upgrade

Affordable Spa Treatments

Massage Facial:  Enjoy a non-peeling facial perfect for bringing your skin back to life.  Lie back and relax while your skin receives a cleanse, exfoliation and hand-crafted, herbal, organic mask to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, and the perfect moisturizer.  All facials are made specifically for your skin type and for your specific concerns.  Includes a scalp, hand and face massage.   

Hydrating Body Wrap:  Dry skin blues?  Rehydrate your skin with this super-moisturizing service.  Warmed, organic lotion is applied to your entire body.  You are then wrapped and given time for the lotion to soak deep into your skin while you enjoy a scalp and face massage.  The service is completed as you receive a full body, one-hour Swedish massage.  

Deluxe Herbal Detox Body Wrap:  Get the full body pamper experience!  Let your stress melt away as hot towels, herbs, clay and oil nourish your skin while you receive a customized, soothing Swedish massage.

Herbal wraps are therapeutic heat treatments which elevate the body's temperature and are discouraged for pregnant women, those with uncontrolled hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, and epilepsy. (Approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours)  



Detox Clay Pack:  This is a detox treatment which focuses on the abdomen and the feet.  Relax and enjoy a scalp, hand and foot massage while clay, herbs and oils are applied to the abdomen and feet and given time to draw toxins and nourish your skin.  

Sugar Scrub:  Exfoliate your skin with an invigorating, full body sugar scrub. (Add approx. 30 min to your massage.)

Foot Scrub:  Pamper your feet with an exfoliating foot scrub.  You choose an essential oil for either a relaxing or invigorating result. 

Warm Oil Scalp Massage:  Your scalp is stimulated and your hair is nourished with warm oil, from the root to the tip.   Give yourself this luxurious  experience as your stress melts away and you enjoy a deeper relaxation. 

Dry Brushing:  Excellent for exfoliating skin and stimulating circulation. This is a great service for anyone, but is especially good for those with more mature skin which is thinner and for which a sugar scrub may be too abrasive.